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26 April 2010

Craft Paper Bags


Swirl Craft Paper Bags
5 colors available
Baby Blue, Pink, Soft Green, Purple, Dark Blue
Size: H25 x L20 x W8 cm
<100 = RM 1.50/pcs

Assorted design Craft Paper Bags
Size: H21 x L16 x W6 cm
<100, RM 1.30

Plain Paper Bags

Plain Paper Bags II
Available in 5 colors
Red, Cream, Blue, Green, Light Green
Size: H23 x L18 x W8 cm
<100 = RM 1.50

Baby Paper Bag

We appologize for the late update of the baby paper bags.
Below are the paper bags that currently available at Luvlythots.
InsyaAllah, we'll try to get more design on baby gift bag soon..

Bib & Shirt Baby Gift Bags
Available in 4 colors
Size: H24 x L22 x W8 cm
<100 = RM 2.80/pcs

Assorted design Baby Gifts Bags
Available in 4 designs
Suitable for both boys and girls
Size: H24 x L19 x W10 cm
<100 pcs = RM 2.40/pcs

Blue and Pink Baby Gift Bag
Available in 2 colors
Blue - Boy, Pink - Girl
Size: H32 x L26 x W10 cm
<100 = RM 3.20/pcs

25 April 2010


Customized Tags
Price depending on the size
RM 0.50 - RM 1.00


Readymade TQ tag
Pearl white with Silver hotstamping
Size: 3.5 x 7 cm
RM 0.15

22 April 2010

Ryverra Chocolate


Heart Shape Organza
5 pieces

Praline / Chocolate in a box
2 or 3 pieces

Sweet Couple
2 pieces praline in transparent box
2 pieces praline in silver/gold box

Chocolate Bar
Personalised printed bar 25grm & 50grm
Fruit & Nut
Cookies & Cream

Lovely Lavish
4 pieces praline choc

Lollichoc & Lovely stick

Chocolate Love Box
Suitable for Hantaran

* Please email us for quotation and price list at

04 April 2010

Round Tags

Round Tags Sample
Size: 2 inch
RM 0.30

Baby Tags

ILC Baby Tags
Price depending on the size
RM 0.50 - RM 1.00

Sample picture
Paper bags with baby tags
Cute - Sweet - Simple

Baby Tag with photo

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